Retreats & Workshops

Residential Events

About our retreats:

A series of residential retreats and workshops born out of the many bonds we’ve made since we first started hosting travelers at our various stays in 2018.

MIAGO’s retreats are designed & curated to serve as temporary escapes from the drudgery of monotonous routines, timings, deadlines, spreadsheets and general existential dread. Short-format and intimate gatherings that combine the goodness of like-minded company, pristine locales, acrylic paints, poetry, raw & uncut music, conversations, yoga, and a whole lotta laughter.

What to expect:

Take a pause from the hustle, drown out the world of presentations and pending payments with a lovingly curated mini-festival of arts, music, and yoga.  Broadly, each edition features the following activities:

  • Silent hikes
  • Authentic local meals and experiences
  • Pranayama, meditation & light yoga
  • Art workshops
  • Live, acoustic music

While all our retreats are packed with activities, we leave a wee bit of room for organic flow and allow changes to the schedule as and when required.

PS: We take pride in our retreats  for being discrimination-free & inclusive. Even the introverts love us! 🙂

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