Community Program

Building networks for rural prosperity via responsible tourism initiatives

MIAGO’s community program is focused on empowering travelers to connect with rural communities to address social, environmental and entrepreneurial issues. This program has been created in collaboration with rural families and local institutions in Syalna Gaon to enable people who travel with us to build long term relationships with our host communities.

The program is open to long term travelers, yoga teachers, artists, educators, healthcare workers, and entrepreneurs. Get in touch with us for more details.

The Residency Model

A site-based residency that invites artists, writers and individuals from other creative, social, scientific and entrepreneurial disciplines to develop creative ways to strategize and implement solutions that impact the community and their power to imagine futures beyond what is currently available to them.

The Rural Livelihood Model

The second aspect of the community program focuses on developing and incubating entrepreneurial and other types of rural livelihoods. The residency programs enable the development, incubation and the actualization of this particular model.

The combination of these two programs opens up a multitude of possibilities to create sustainable ways of co-existence between the environment, the local community, and the socially/politically minded traveler.