Two luxury tents | upto 6 guests

Set in a quiet corner of a lush and majestic Deodar forest away from the chaos of Mussoorie, here’s a property we have a special connection with. Our first introduction to this sustainably planned, designed and executed property was way back in 2018. On a bare and windy patch of this 200 acre woodland, Jai spoke to us about his dream of developing a nature-forward experience on and around the very spot.

4 years of extensive research, grueling patience and one pandemic later, this wild hotelier’s dream is now a reality reminiscent of some of John Muir’s works.


The luxury tents at this eco resort were designed and conceptualized with the base agenda of keeping the misty, untamed and rich forests undisturbed and undamaged. A process that took Jai around the world and months of sourcing ended with two spectacular and bespoke tents that blend seamlessly into the surroundings.


Set along the playgrounds of the great explorer Col. Sir George Everest and our very own Ruskin Bond, the cozy world inside these tents allows for maximum comfort, great adventures and a front row seat to Mother Nature’s ever-lasting orchestra. Plush linen, tasteful decor, a private viewing deck and best-in-class beds that provide a snug window into an otherwise wild and adventurous setting.

Food & Beverage

An on-site cafe with a combination of in & outdoor seating, professionally trained chefs and a lovely mix of world and pahadi cuisine. Sit down to savour ( and devour) your favourite comfort food, or request the ever cheery chef to whip up a special meal.


Guided hikes, croquet, badminton and archery.


Surveyor: INR 15,000 plus GST (double occupancy) including breakfast
Camper: INR 13,000 plus GST (double occupancy) including breakfast

Extra person: INR 3,500 plus GST.

How to reach

  • Nearest train station: Dehradun (36 kms)
  • Nearest airport: Dehradun (60 kms)
  • Road-trip from Delhi: 6 hrs/298 kms

Booking with us

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